Venus figurines, were dolls?

Venus figurines, were dolls?

Were some venus figurines, dolls or toys in prehistory?

«After observing on a beach, how a girl played with her doll, the illustrative mind of Giuseppe transferred that same act and behavior to prehistory: a girl playing with a doll».

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And what precious object have we found among the Palaeolithic evidences of some European caves? Exact = The prehistoric Venus.

Prehistoric Venuses are the objects most similar to dolls; some smaller ones, other miniatures … Today we have them of all sizes, in prehistory, children, like children who were, would play, invent their stories, their adventures, their imaginary friends or they would have their toys just as they have always done throughout many civilizations.


Could the mysterious figurines called Venus figurines be a simple children’s toy? Here we leave you, two illustrations made by Giuseppe, trying to sketch a «not so improbable» idea that took place during an observation.

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Two illustrations made by Giuseppe (, show us, what use the venus figurines might have had.


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